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Taking the bumps and jolts, your vehicle's suspension is supposed to give you a comfortable ride. When they are performing less than expected, we have the right parts to smooth out the bumpiest of rides.

The shock absorber's job is to provide a controlled amount of resistance every time the wheels bounce up and down or the chassis leans as it goes around a corner. The constant motion and the heat created by all the internal friction can wear out an original equipment shock in 15,000 to 25,000 miles. We stock only quality parts manufactured by the makers of various products to return your vehicle to that new-car ride.

MacPherson struts manufactured by the makers of various products provide a smooth ride and are an essential safety component. Struts control spring and suspension movement to keep tires in contact with the road. As a result, struts do wear out and should be checked every 12,000 miles just to be safe.

Coil Springs
Coil Springs assist your shocks/struts in keeping vehicle bounce to a minimum. Regardless if your vehicle needs front or rear coil springs, we have the right parts for most vehicles in stock and ready for installation.

Performance Coil Springs returns your vehicle's chassis height to its original equipment specifications, restoring suspension components back to their proper operating position and increasing load-carrying ability. Proper height is essential to proper wheel alignment, effecting tire wear and handling.

Cargo Coil Springs with their variable-resistance design provides a comfortable, quality ride for all vehicle load conditions. The increased support from coil springs reduces sagging, bottoming out and side swaying when using a trailer or carrying heavy loads -- the heavier the load, the harder they work!

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